"Leadoff track "R is for Rockstar" is an amusing look at how to act like a hotel-trashing, groupie-loving 70s rocker, "Let's Go Find a Night" channels solo Mick Jagger, and the driving, catchy "You're the One" practically begs you to roll down the car windows and sing along." — Steve Ferra, Absolute Powerpop


"Musically speaking, the whole thing has an organic and, as mentioned, very authentic sound. A single listen to Starman is an almost surefire ticket to downloading and embracing every bit of music that Gregg Stewart has to offer. The sound is wonderful." — Rebecca Cullen, StereoStickman


"You can hear that Stewart’s put his heart & soul into this…and that makes all the difference." — Sleeping Bag Studios


"Gregg Stewart has quite the story and impressive resume under his belt as a musician, composer and songwriter." — Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music


"More than anything, I can hear the passion/radiating sound that Gregg was able to accomplish, as he really shines bright in every type of way." — The Widows Peak Bandit, The Ratings Game


"Gregg Stewart has taken time away his usual pursuit of writing and playing nostalgia tinged, eclectic but ultimately forward thinking music to record an album dedicated to last year’s losses, not surprisingly called TwentySixteen. The swansong of that wonderful collection and heartfelt tribute is Starman." — Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture


"It takes a brave artist to consider re-inventing tracks from such iconic artists, and Gregg takes on the challenge with passion, respect, and originality." — Peter Vidani, The Band Camp Diaries


"Gregg's version of the David Bowie classic is so compelling and interesting yet fresh for the music audiences of today." — Natalie Perez, Nataliez World


"Stewart’s voice alone is good enough that most people would enjoy it, not to mention the fact that it’s a respectful tribute to some of the best artists in the industry. It might make you a bit emotional, like it did me, but I think it’s worth that." — Victoria Patterson, Skope Magazine


"Inspiration pours out of the balanced perfection of Gregg Stewart’s 'Starman'." — BeachSloth